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Pennsylvania's abundant natural gas resources help the development of the state's plastics

    Pennsylvania is the second largest natural gas producer in the United States, and its abundant natural gas resources are creating opportunities for the development of the plastics industry in the state. Ethane and propane are two important raw materials for the petrochemical industry. Compared with other production centers in the world (including the U.S. Gulf Coast, Western and Eastern Canada, and the Middle East), their cost is extremely competitive in Pennsylvania.

    Pennsylvania is also an ideal place to create new materials.Abundant natural gas resources, professional talent pools, authoritatively recognized plastic engineering plans, and close proximity to major consumer markets in North America all provide unlimited business opportunities for the development of the plastics industry in Pennsylvania. In addition, relying on a mature and efficient manufacturing ecosystem, Pennsylvania continues to attract plastic companies from all over the world. World-renowned companies involved in the manufacture of plastic and rubber products, such as Gpc Capital Corp II, Amcor Pet Packaging USA, Palram Industries, and Millet Plastics Group, all have a place in the business community of Pennsylvania.

    In order to better assist overseas companies to settle in Pennsylvania, the state government has established a special agency and team to provide investment-related services to overseas investors. The Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development is committed to promoting the vigorous development of the state’s economy, encouraging the creation of new jobs and business opportunities, and achieving a stable and diversified local economy. The Penn State Department of Economic Development provides companies with an introduction to the state's investment environment in China, finds matching projects, preliminary site selection suggestions, and helps companies invest in Pennsylvania through the use of grants, tax credits and other forms of financial assistance. And growth, together here "to enjoy the future, enjoy life"!

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